Dr. Conrad Murray Defense Witness Sort of Takes Back Key Theory

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Anesthesiologist and Propofol expert Dr. Paul White, a witness called by Dr. Conrad Murray's defense team, isn't doing the defendant a lot of favors this week.

Having somewhat altered his original claim that Michael Jackson could have died from ingesting Propofol, he may have erased any lingering reasonable doubt.

White's initial theory was that swallowing Propofol could've been fatal for Michael Jackson, whose death Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter for.

Now, though, he's singing a different tune.

Dr. Murray Photo

He claims he included that theory in a prior report for the defense attorneys, but that was just a plausible suggestion, not a foregone conclusion as to how MJ died.

Yes, he says it's still possible, but the backtracking can't help Murray ... especially after the beating he's taken by expert after expert called by the prosecution.

Also, during opening statements, the defense argued the The King of Pop may have killed himself by ingesting Propofol, but has since dropped that claim after a study revealed drinking the anesthetic would not be fatal.

White said he wouldn't expect Jackson to have died from the amount of Propofol Murray claims he gave the singer, but when asked if he could justify administering the drug and then leaving the room, he said, "absolutely not."

Bottom line: It's looking grim for the doc.

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