Dr. Conrad Murray to Ditch Part of Defense Theory?

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Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer announced that the physician is dropping the argument that Michael Jackson accidentally killed himself by ingesting Propofol orally.

What they're not doing is dropping the argument that he self-administered the anesthetic in general. In fact, the defense still will claim that MJ killed himself.

Murray's attorneys say they have concluded Jackson could not have chugged Propofol, however, and will now argue only that he injected it intravenously.

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According to TMZ, attorney Michael Flanagan said in court today that a new study by the defense showed swallowing Propofol would not produce fatal results.

The Associated Press initially reported that Murray's lawyers ditched the idea that MJ self-administered the fatal dose in any way, but that is not accurate.

Lead lawyer Ed Chernoff can and very likely will argue that MJ injected a fatal dose after awakening and becoming frustrated with Murray out of the room.

Of course, that's still a claim they may struggle to sell a jury on, and medical experts say that even if it happened, Murray would be responsible regardless.

Not looking good for the doc so far, but his defense has yet to present its case. They're going to need to pull a legal rabbit out of their hat on this one.

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