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Plenty of stars delivered strong routines on Dancing With the Stars Monday night. Chaz Bono was one of them. Chynna Phillips and Nancy Grace were not among them.

While you never know going into the results show, it seemed semi-clear who had a better path to safety than others. And it turned out our intuitions were correct.

When the audience’s votes were factored in along with the scores, Chaz was safe. As was Rob Kardashian, who was inexplicably in the bottom three, but survived.

Week after week, it’s anyone’s game. One slip and you’re gone.

So who got the chop among the top nine competitors when the week’s results were unveiled? Who is safe to tango their way into our hearts another week?

Carson Kressley had the lowest score of the week, with Grace and Chynna close behind. One of the three is sitting on the sidelines right now. But which one?

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Chynna Phillips, despite being considered a favorite just a few short weeks ago, is now heading home. She was surprised, but blamed only herself.

“I’m disappointed and I’m sad,” the Wilson Phillips singer said. “But I have to take responsibility. I messed up and… I have an amazing partner.”

“I love you, Tony,” she told Mr. Dovolani.

“He’s been there for me 100 percent the entire way and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity. Thank you everyone who voted for me.”

And then there were eight. Can anyone stop the Ricki Lake express, or is she on a collision course to the finals with J.R. Martinez? We shall see.

Did Chynna deserve to be voted off DWTS?