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Bethenny Frankel is sticking to her story, and she’s going above and beyond Twitter to do it.

After refuting the accusation that she lied about getting lost at sea last month – Bethenny told E! News in mid-September that the GPS on her boat malfunctioned and she underwent a “scary” endeavor that involved a call to the Coast Guard for help – Frankel has opened up even more to Us Weekly about the incident and subsequent allegation of deception.

“The whole thing has been really upsetting,” Frankel said. “You have to spend 24 hours of your life defending your honesty to your fans. [These stories are] irresponsible journalism and… a waste of your time.”

Paul Bernon and Bethenny Frankel

This does, of course, beg the question: Bethenny Frankel has fans?!?

Naturally, Bravo is sticking by its reality star. The network has issued the following statement:

“It is accurate that Bethenny, Jason and their therapist were stranded at sea when the navigation on their boat broke during a taping for [the show]. The Coast Guard referred a private tow vessel who eventually led their boat out. When people see the episode, they will certainly see for themselves that this was very real.”

Hey, what do you know: a plug for the episode! Now we totally believe this went down as Frankel claims.