Did Bethenny Frankel Fake Her Sea Rescue?!?

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In a truly stunning turn of events that may leave us questioning whether all of reality TV is scripted, a very reliable source says Bethenny Frankel's supposedly daring rescue at sea last month was nothing but a farce.

The story goes like this: Bethenny and husband Jason Hoppy were sailing comfortably between Block Island and Nantucket when their GPS malfunctioned and they had to call for help, barely surviving what Frankel described as a "traumatic" experience.

But Tim Russell, the man who actually ventured out and brought Bethenny's family in, says the story is a lie.

Paul Bernon and Bethenny Frankel
He says the Coast Guard refused to drive out to Frankel's vessel because the GPS was, indeed, working and there was simply no danger afoot. But Bethenny's therapist insisted on calling a tow company, reached Russell and agreed to his $250 towing fee.

Russell and his wife drove out and found nine people just hanging out on a working sailboat: Bethenny, Hoppy, the therapist and a Bravo film crew of six. They were fine. Frankel even came back in on the boat she went out on, simply following Russell's tow ship to shore.

One of the final sights a perturbed Russell witnessed before exiting angrily from the scene? A supposedly relieved Bethenny kissing the dock, just as a cameraman set up to get a close up.

Russell says there are documents that prove the Coast Guard turned down the call because it deemed Frankel's boat to be in working condition.

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