What's Your Number Trailer: Are You Over Your Ex?

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In the upcoming romantic comedy What's Your Number?, Anna Faris plays a Bostonian, Ally Darling, who looks back at the 20 men she's been in relationships with.

Shocked at how high her number is, she wonders if one might be her true love, and enlists the help of neighbor Colin (Chris Evans) in tracking them all down.

Check out the official trailer for What's Your Number? here:

From our own lives and various celebrity news stories, we all know getting over our exes isn't easy. Some stars who this movie might hit close to home for:

  • Reggie Bush, who texted a soon-to-be married Kim Kardashian
  • Michaele Salahi, who ran off with her former lover Neal Schon
  • Teen Mom's Amber and Gary, who never stay apart for long
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt, whose number must be at least 20

Wondering if you're over your ex, and what he or she is doing nowadays? Time to make like Ally and go find out with the help of SheKnows' Ex Spotter!

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