T.I. Back in Federal Custody After Failing to Disclose Pimp Ass Tour Bus Ride

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Only a day after T.I.'s release from prison, the rapper is already back in federal custody, and according to reports, it's all over a luxury tour bus incident.

Say what now?

The Federal Bureau of Prisons and T.I.'s lawyer Steve Sadow confirm he's back in custody after traveling from a federal Arkansas prison to an Atlanta halfway house on a PIMP ASS TOUR BUS, a method of transportation that did not sit well with officials.

Happy T.I.

T.I. was sentenced in October to 11 months in prison for violating probation, but was let out early to finish the rest of his sentence (and film a reality show, which officials are reportedly having none of now) in a halfway house.

However, he allegedly misled prison officials into thinking he'd be taking a low-key mode of transportation from the prison to the halfway house.

Guess a tricked out tour bus doesn't qualify a low-key.

The deal is this: When a prisoner is incarcerated in a low or medium security prison, officials do at times allow the inmate to use a private, unescorted mode of transportation to travel from the prison facility to the halfway house.

During the process of approving such a transfer, however, the prisoner must state specifically what mode of transportation he or she will be using.

Sources say that T.I. informed prison officials that he would be taking some sort of van, making no mention of the high-end, pimped out tour bus.

Prison officials felt that the rapper should've fully disclosed the nature of his party bus, and brought him back to Arkansas for this infraction alone.

Neither drugs nor alcohol were found on the bus.

Even more amazingly, when U.S. Marshals arrived at the halfway house to bring T.I. back to prison, the halfway house supervisor actually got into an argument with them, saying it was ridiculous to send him back for such a violation. 

In addition, T.I.'s wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle says that multiple prison officials actually saw the tour bus that picked him up - and took photos with him in front of it.

"They walked him over, took pics and told him good luck in life," she says.

Nevertheless, the Marshals had their orders, and T.I. is back in prison.

His sentence is almost over in any case, so the oft-troubled star will be a free man again soon ... although he may want to call a cab next time.

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