The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Rocky Mountain Lows & Other Hoopla

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This week, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finished up their trip to Beaver Creek and we take a look at who reached new high or low points in our +/- recap!

Taylor was on a downward spiral. This girl was just a mess. Her moods have shifted from miserable to distraught to kind of scary. But the ladies earned a Plus 7 for trying to help, even though they weren't all that successful at it.

Taylor Armstrong Cries

Kim took on the mothering role when she woke up to find a half naked, crying Taylor in her bed. I doubt she was expecting that. Having been divorced, Kim tries her best to console Taylor on her troubled marriage. Plus 8 for making the effort to point out that everyone has problems and Taylor's not as alone as she feels.

Camille, however seemed content to hide in her room and let the drama play out without her. Honestly, I couldn't say I blamed her. I might hide too but she was the host. Minus 5 because she really should have checked on her guest.

Taylor's breakdown continued as she ended up crying in a closet and then became completely paranoid over a missing makeup bag. Heaven forbid dinner with the ladies not be in full makeup.

The tears didn't stop for dinner and at that point I began to wonder if there was more than alcohol fueling her meltdown. But Taylor is so thin and so emotionally fragile I don't think it would take very much to drive her over the edge.

Besides, all of the ladies bickering at once over what Taylor should do about her marriage would have been enough to send me screaming from the room. Minus 8 for not realizing when a little calm and quiet might be in order.

Kyle Richards in the Tub

I couldn't believe Kyle was hesitant to tell Mauricio about the drama of their trip. It's not like he hasn't seen the ladies in action or that he wouldn't hear about it elsewhere. Why not share the insanity? 

Back at the Maloof estate, Adrienne decided to go to the Kings game despite being told that the situation might get hostile. Minus 10 for being so foolish. You have security for a reason. Why ignore them?

To top it off she invited Kim along on the trip. Minus 15. It's one thing to risk your own safety, but it's quite another to put a friend in harms way without their knowledge. Not nice.

And was it just me or did Kim sound completely high on the other end of that phone. I know that one erratic conversation is no proof of anything but watching her behavior this season has certainly sent up some red flags. 

In the end my favorite scenes were of Kyle and little detective Portia in the great pooper scooper hunt. So funny and it's a game only a toddler could love Plus 15 for keeping it real in Beverly Hills.


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