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This week, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills headed out on a lovely ski vacation in the Rocky Mountain State. What could possibly go wrong in that scenario?

Let’s find out in THG’s +/- recap!

Before they leave we get a quick tour of Kyle’s dream home. She says she drove past it for years and would stop just to send out her good energy, hoping that this house would someday be hers. Well, here’s Plus 5 for good energy. It looks like a lovely home. 

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

The ladies head out for a Colorado ski adventure at Camille’s place. How dangerous could it be? They could use a whole other limo for all of their luggage. Ladies, it’s a weekend. You’re not moving there. Minus 3.

This trip is a last hurrah for Camille who has to sell the ski chalet per her divorce agreement. It is a shame. The place is gorgeous but according to Lisa, Camille is in dire straits. She’ll be down to only a couple of houses before long. Dear me. Minus 10. Heaven forbid someone be down to their last two mansions. How will she survive?

Due to a massive detour, the ride from the airport to Camille’s place takes over four hours. Minus 5. Can you imagine being locked in a confined space with these women for that long? I don’t think I could do it. It sounds like a little piece of hell.

Kim simply won’t be quiet. She chattered on the entire ride. Minus 5. Then Kyle had to bring up Ken’s comments about therapy from the dinner party. I don’t know what she was expecting from Lisa.  It’s her husband. She’s going to defend him. To Lisa’s credit, she was right. If you have a problem with Ken, then talk to Ken. 

Kim claims to be feeling under the weather but that certainly didn’t stop her from flirting with every guy in sight. From the guys on the plane, to the waiter, to the ski concierge, a little cold wasn’t stopping Kim from shopping for a new man. Plus 7.

It seems so voyeuristic to watch Taylor talk about her therapy sessions with her now deceased husband. I know this was shot before Russell Armstrong’s death but it brings the show to such an odd, dark place. Minus 10. Add to it that Taylor seems to be slipping further towards a serious breakdown and it becomes truly hard to watch.

On the upside, Camille’s looking to have a little fun with the ladies and doesn’t assign rooms. She lets them figure out who will sleep where. Plus 8. It comes as no surprise that Lisa grabs the nicest room although Adrienne almost decided to wrestle her for it.

Do we really have to hear about Camille manscaping Kelsey Grammer and scraping his barnacles?? Minus 12. I might be ill and I don’t think that I’ll ever look at an episode of Frasier the same way again. 

It looks like the ski trip continues next week, but for now: