Stalker Alleges: Jessica Simpson Tried to Bang Me!

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An obsessed fan who has tried to contact Jessica Simpson for years is kicking it up a notch, writing a memoir about her alleged attempts to sleep with him.

They've never met, mind you.

Simpson's camp has been dealing with Marce William Burchell for years, with her security team on alert - and well aware of his forthcoming publication.


No, the stalker is not the dude running after Jess here.

The 30-page book's title: The True Story of Jessica Ann Simpson's 22 Month Long Attempt to Seduce a Married Man - Her Very Active Super Secret Sex life: The True Story of Jessica Simpson's Seduction of A Married Man (Volume One).

This guy's apparently taking some cues from the Kris Herzog school of longwinded, poorly-worded BS tell-alls. Save something for the book jacket, dog.

It can be yours for $29.99 on Amazon. It's unclear there will be volumes 2-10 in the future. What is clear? This guy is all too familiar to Jess.

According to sources, Burchell had puppies sent to her home when her beloved Daisy went missing and once got a hold of Jess' phone number.

His calls and texts forced her to eventually change it.

Despite all that, Burchell insists "This book was not written to hurt her, but was written as my only way to heal emotionally from the severe trauma and pain she put me through by her heartless cruel treatment of me."

Burchell also wants to challenge Jess' fiance Eric Johnson to a marathon, in which the winner gets to marry Jessica. Bet you he accepts that.

Jessica has not contacted police ... for the time being.

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