Kris Herzog to Release Tell-All Book, Reveal Secrets of Oksana Grigorieva & Mel Gibson

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Kris Herzog is preparing to release a tell-all book of scandalous details pertaining to Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson.

Who would have guessed that his career as a bodyguard would end with a role in a shocking scandal, one of the biggest celebrity news stories ever.

In Attack Mode!

His official site proclaims that making love to Oksana, the sweet-talking liar who he calls The Sexual Sorceress, was the beginning of the end.

Here's how he got there, chapter by chapter ...

Chapter 1: Young Kristian Herzog grows up on Catalina Island.

Chapter 2: Entering his dad's celebrity bodyguard business.

Chapter 3: Learning the ropes of that bodyguard business.

Chapter 4: Working with Paris, Britney, Lindsay, Kim K., etc.

Chapter 5: Working with Jack Nicholson, John McCain, etc.

Chapter 6: A top 100 photo recap of 25 years in the business.

Chapter 7: Meeting Oksana Grigorieva, a "Sexual Sorceress."

Chapter 8: Oksana "playing his instrument, like a cheap instrument."

Chapter 9:  Making love to Oksana Grigorieva: "if lips were ships, her lips were the S.S. Titanic, dragging men down deep...."

Chapter 10: Storm Surge; Becoming the Chief Adviser and attending all the Attorney meetings with Oksana about Mel Gibson.

Chapter 11:  The storm breaks, the heart breaks, and what really happened during the fake Assault, the Mel Gibson tapes, the extortion plot.

Chapter 12:  Becoming the #1 witness in the biggest celebrity breakup case of all time and Kris' life after the storm that is Oksana vs. Mel ...

No doubt, Kristian Otto Herzog has a lot to say. Whether other people line up to buy it, or whether anyone believes it, is up to them entirely.

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