Shayne Lamas to Name Kid "Press," Seek Rep For Fetus

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Shayne Lamas and Nik Richie are a couple of fame whores.

Even so, naming your kid Press? Almost unfathomable. But that's not even all. The two are reportedly in talks with a management company for Press. Now.

Trying to ink a deal for said unborn child to sign talent agency two months before he or she even leaves Shayne's female parts? We're at a loss for words.

Shayne Lamas, Nik Richie Picture

Z Group has made a formal offer to represent the baby and would receive 15 percent of whatever the kid makes in an entertainment job (down the line).

That includes as a writer, editor, performer, musician artist, etc. Pretty amazing move, although we're curious if it involves elementary school plays.

Shayne, who won The Bachelor and was engaged to Matt Grant for like 12 hours, and Nik, who runs The Dirty (dot) com, married the night they met.

Astoundingly, they are still together after over a year.


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