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Kara Kennedy, daughter of former U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, passed away Friday at age of 51. She was working out in a Washington D.C.-area gym at the time.

“She’s with dad,” Patrick Kennedy, her brother and Congressman from Rhode Island, said. Their father died in 2009 at age 77 after battling a brain tumor.

She was the eldest of Ted’s three children.

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Though she never sought elected office like many in her famous family, she heeded the family’s call to give back through public service throughout her lifetime.

Kara, who also helped work on her father’s senatorial campaigns, was also a cancer survivor. In 2003, she had a malignant tumor removed from her lungs.

According to her Patrick Kennedy, the cancer treatment, while successful, “took quite a toll on her and weakened her physically. Her heart gave out.”

Kara is survived by her husband Michael Allen and two teenage children.