Survivor: South Pacific Cast Includes Disgraced Beauty Queen, Relative of a Villain

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When Survivor: South Pacific premieres on September 14, it will introduced a few interesting faces to viewers. It will also re-introduce a couple more.

CBS has released the first promotional photo of the cast, which includes this disgraced beauty queen, a medical marijuana dispensary owner and Brandon Hantz, the cousin of notorious player Russell Hantz.

Survivor Cast Pic

Among other twists:

  • Two returning cast members will join the cast, the identities of which will be revealed at a later date.
  • There will be hidden immunity idols, says awesome host Jeff Probst: “We’re hiding the clue. No clue as to where the clue is. Once you find the clue, then you have to find the idol.” 
  • Redemption Island will be back, but without the concept of group duels. It's win or go home.
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