Robyn Gardner Search Called Off; Gary Giordano Detained in Aruba

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Authorities have called off the active search for the missing Robyn Gardner, an American who disappeared in Aruba earlier this month, reports say.

Gary Giordano, the man who traveling with Gardner, is currently being held in jail on the Caribbean island, while denying any role in her vanishing.

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He told police she disappeared while they were snorkeling off the coast at the Nanki Country Club. Giordano says Gardner did not return to shore.

Aruban Solicitor General Taco Stein said they had no more leads to pursue so they will question Giordano again about Robyn's disappearance.

They are calling him a "suspect," though he hasn't been charged.

"They suspect murder but there's no proof, to my knowledge," Michael O. Lopez, Giordano's attorney, tells ABC News. "I don't see any proof."

"There's no proof and there's no motive."

Giordano has a criminal record in Maryland. Two women, one of whom is his ex-wife, have taken out orders of protection against him, records show.

Gardner's younger brother, Andrew Colson, said Giordano met with his mother when she went to Aruba to look for Robyn and acted strangely.

"He didn't seem very sorrowful, mournful or anything," Colson said.

Gardner left her boyfriend Richard Forester at home when she traveled to Aruba with Giordano, unbeknownst to him. Forester has said that he believes his girlfriend met Giordano online and was secretly dating him.

Gardner disappeared from the same town in Aruba where Natalee Holloway went missing from in 2005. Her body has never been recovered.