Ojani Noa Nude in Playgirl: Coming Soon!

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Ojani Noa gets naked on the Jennifer Lopez sex tape he's dead set on selling (and barred by a judge from doing so). But fear not, Ojani fans:

He's gonna be getting naked for Playgirl magazine instead!

Nearly 15 years after tying the knot with J. Lo, Noa is working out a deal with the magazine, which is ONLY interested if he goes full-frontal.

As long as Playgirl pays up, Ojani says he's game. PHEW!

NOA WAY: Yup, Ojani will whip out his Levi Johnston for Playgirl.

"If the money is right, especially for full nude, then I would be flattered to pose for Playgirl," the shameless, oft-nude self-promoter decreed.

Reports say the deal should be finalized within the next few weeks. No word if Diddy, Ben Affleck, Cris Judd and Marc Anthony will follow suit.

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