Judge to Casey Anthony: Get Back to Florida!

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Wherever Casey Anthony is hiding, she's got two weeks to come out.

America's most hated person has just been ordered by a judge to return to her native Orlando, Fla., to begin probation in her check fraud case.

Judge Belvin Perry ruled that Casey Anthony must return by August 26 to serve one year of probation, but her address may remain confidential.

Almost Free

Last year, Casey admitted to fraudulently using others' checks to buy clothes and groceries in the month after daughter Caylee disappeared.

Her lawyers previously argued that it is too dangerous for her to return to the area and that she had completed the probation while in jail.

Judge Perry apparently didn't buy either defense argument.

Anthony, 25, was acquitted of murder July 5. While she was convicted on four counts of lying to police, she had spent nearly 1,000 days in custody by that point, so she was released July 17 and immediately went into hiding.

Somehow we don't expect people in Orlando will be thrilled to have the accused child killer back. The weather may be warm, but her welcome will not be.

A Caylee Anthony birthday memorial was held on what would have been the little girl's sixth birthday Wednesday. Casey's parents attended. Casey did not.

She was last seen in Ohio last week. No clue where she is now, or when she will return to the Sunshine State, but she's gotta do it, or else.

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