The So You Think You Can Dance Winner is...

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And the 2011 So You Think You Can Dance crown goes to... Melanie Moore!

Melanie Moore Wins!

The frontrunner for most of the season, this 19-year old from Marietta, Georgia earned 47 percent of the vote tonight, defeating second-plane finisher Sasha in the process. How did we arrive at that result? A detailed review is below.

Group Dance (Sonya Tayeh) - There were so many faces that I had no clue who was who. The routine was nice, though most of the focus was on Jordan and Ryan. The big wigs confused me as to which girl danced where. As for the eliminated guys Nick, stood out because of his height. The final four arrived and did part of their own special routine, but they looked shoehorned in.

Mary's Favorite Dance - Sasha & Kent (Contemporary) - On the second look, Kent was acting better and matched Sasha even better. I'm still not sure if I understood the ending, but it was still moving to watch.

Nigel's Favorite Dance - Melanie & Marko (Hip-Hop) - After watching Melanie and Marko make it through the whole season, I'm happy to see their evolution. Melanie still isn't as hard hitting as I'd like her to be in a hip-hop.

Robin's Favorite Dance - Tadd & Lauren (Jazz) - For once we got to see the whole routine with Tadd not messing up the hat section. Tadd was off tempo, because he knew this didn't matter for the judging.

Lil' C's Favorite Dance - Robert & Miranda (Hip-Hop) - We finally got a routine that didn't involve the final four. I didn't like the routine as much as Lil' C, because the intensity didn't match the lyrics.

Cat's Favorite Dance - Top 8 Circus Routine - Since the piece wasn't competitive; the dancers had the chance to flow without pressure. Tadd was still on the rope, just like his chandelier to delay the amount of choreography he had.

Musical Guest - Matt Flint (Tap) - The winner of SYTYCD UK won the prize of performing during the finale of this show and I got to say that whoever choreographed the routine didn't do him justice. I was more impressed by Jess because the routine fit his cheesy Broadway style.

Mary's Favorite Dance 2 - Melanie & Neil (Contemporary) - We got to watch the repeated leap where Melanie looked like she jumped between buildings. The dance was beautiful to watch because of the passion the dancers put in. Neil was great assisting Melanie throughout.

Jesse's Favorite Dance - Marko & Allison (Contemporary) - The dance was one of Sonya's softer routines and it was just as powerful. Marko matched Allison's powerful dancing and displayed his growth.

Tyce's Favorite Dance - Top Ten Girls (Jazz) - Sonya got a lot of play during the finale and the performance was great. I decided to keep an eye on Iveta, in green, and she kept up with all the other contemporary girls. I contest her early elimination.

Eliminations Part 1 - After a long recap of their final performances, the person landing in fourth place was Tadd. Tadd probably knew that he was the bottom of the heap, but he was happy with his finish.

Lil' C's Favorite Dance 2 - Ashley & Chris (Broadway) - Chris was underrated as a dancer, his biggest problem was that he couldn't learn choreography as quickly as Tadd, but when he did it was stunning. It was great seeing the partner interaction through bars.

Nigel's Favorite Dance 2 - Sasha & Twitch (Hip-Hop) - Christopher Scott provided some of the best hip-hop routines this season. There was something primal about the whole dance. For being a dancer that showed up twice, Twitch had great chemistry with Sasha.

Sonya's Favorite Dance - Top Ten Guys (Hip-Hop) - Even though I knew who all the dancers are and have watched this performance, I still can't tell the difference between most of the eliminated dancers. It's more confusing that Alex is now sporting blonde hair. The doors were a creative way of covering up when the dancers didn't know moves.

Jesse's Favorite Dance 2 - Caitlynn & Pasha (Argentine Tango) - I'm assuming that Pasha couldn't make the show so we were stuck with the taped version. The routine was steamy and had all the flicks I expected for an Argentine Tango.

Mary's Favorite Dance 3 - Melanie & Marko (Contemporary) - You could tell that the routine was new because the dancers weren't painted. I wished that their outfits would have been dyed a yellow color to match them. It's interesting watching Melanie and Marko's first routine now because they've grown.

Eliminations Part 2 - The third place finisher was Marko, but given Nigel's statements last night it seemed obvious that the guys were going to be eliminated. Marko was the last man standing, but he's not getting any bonuses. I'm going to miss Marko's crying mom.

Nigel's Favorite Dance 3 - Sasha & Melanie (Jazz) - The final two dancers got to showcase their routine in the performance that made Lady GaGa throw her shoe. The dance had all the emotion and intensity. I loved how powerful their crab walk was.

Eliminations Part 3 - The final two girls, Melanie and Sasha stood before the audience and after the retrospective of both dancers we finally got to what we were waiting for. With a 47% to 32% vote, Melanie, the frontrunner of the season won. Sasha was quickly given flowers and shuffled away into the abyss. Melanie was in tears, but nothing unexpected.

Did Melanie deserve to win?

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