Jamie Dingman: Fooling Around on Elin Nordegren?

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Tiger Woods' ex-wife Elin Nordegren seems to have things back on track nowadays, but is her new boyfriend Jamie Dingman just as big a player as Tiges?

We sincerely doubt that, but nevertheless, her friends are worried that she’s making all the same mistakes again with her new man, a wealthy investor.

Elin met him at a Red Cross fundraiser ball last winter, calling him “handsome, a gentleman and low-key.” However, whispers of cheating are surfacing.

Given his bizarre ties to Rachel Uchitel, it's not hard to believe.

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According to an insider, Jamie “grew up incredibly privileged” and “is a total playboy, exactly the type of guy she should be staying away from.”

“I actually feel sorry for her,” another insider adds. “He has houses and girls all over the world.” Sounds familiar. So what does Elin see in Jamie?

Wealth, for one, but for anti-gold-digging reasons. It’s been estimated that in Elin’s divorce from Tiger she might have scored $100 million or more.

Dating wealthy men is a way for Elin to make sure any new boyfriend is seriously interested in her beyond her bank account ... but is he Mr. Right?

Just because Jamie Dingham isn’t using Elin Nordegren for her millions doesn’t mean he isn’t using her, according to Elin's friends, who are worried.

“Jamie has never married or had kids for a reason,” says the first insider.

Luckily, another source stuck up for Nordegren, saying, “Elin’s not jumping into commitment... She’s making him wait until she’s 100 percent sure.”

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