Gavin DeGraw Speaks on Street Assault

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Gavin DeGraw is speaking out for the first time since a beating on a New York street left him hospitalized. He says "all hell broke loose" August 8.

Now on the mend at home, DeGraw sustained a broken nose, cuts, bruises and a concussion in a brawl that stemmed from late-night trash talk.

For the first time, he's opening up about what happened:

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"I met up with a couple of friends," the singer told DC's Hot 99.5 radio. "I was walking home, I got a few blocks and then all hell broke loose."

"Somebody said something to me I didn't like. I let them know I didn't like it. The first thing on my mind was, my life's in jeopardy, and I was bleeding pretty bad... fortunately, I lived through it. It was very bloody."

He was beat up, then hit by a cab after he fleed from his assailants.

Thankfully, DeGraw is feeling much better and told VH1 he is writing music as he recovers from his injuries. He's also grateful to his fans.

"I'm feeling much better, but it will take a little bit more time to be back to 100 percent! I'm overwhelmed with the outpouring of support from my fans, friends and family. I can't wait to get back out on tour," he said.

DeGraw is scheduled to perform at a VMA party for charity on Saturday and has an album coming out next month. Get well soon, man!