Christine O'Donnell Labels Piers Morgan "Creepy"

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As a one-time witch, Christine O'Donnell should watch who she calls "creepy."

America's favorite ultraconservative princess/occult dabbler continues to make the media rounds to promote her new book, hitting Today this morning.

In response to questions about walking out on Piers Morgan earlier this week, she called out the CNN host and his line of "inappropriate" questioning.

According to O'Donnell, it was Piers' "very inappropriate, creepy line of questioning" that featured "sex questions that he would not ask of a man."

We disagree. If a male politician made railing against gay marriage and masturbating a centerpiece of his platform. Piers would probably bring it up.

Furthermore, Piers' questions all covered topics in her book Trouble Maker, which she was there to promote. She didn't like them, so she peaced out.

No, not on a broom.

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