Casey Anthony to Avoid Florida Probation Hearing

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Score another one for Casey Anthony's attorneys.

After the suspected killer was spotted in Ohio yesterday, talk turned to whether or not Casey would be required to attend a probation hearing in Orlando on Friday. Her lawyer, Jose Baez, has been attempting to keep his client clear of the city due to "an issue of safety," he said on The Today Show this morning.

Now, it appears as if he's succeeded.

Casey Anthony at Sentencing

After reports initially indicated that Anthony had been ordered to be in court by 10 a.m. on Friday, lest a judge order a bench warrant for her arrest, sources now say the hearing will go on without Casey present.

Why the ruling? It's unclear at this time. Chalk it up to another confusing, maddening development in the world of Casey Anthony.

We'll keep readers apprised if anything changes in this story.


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