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Brandon Marshall is an immensely talented wide receiver whose personal life and off-the-field antics have often drawn more attention that his touchdown grabs or third down conversions.

But now we know why: the All-Pro sat for 30 minutes with reporters after practice yesterday and said he was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder earlier this year.

“For so long, I’ve been just trying to get help. I’ve been seeking help,” Marshall said. “I’ve been talking with doctors since I’ve been in the NFL. No one has ever helped me. So I was praying there was a treatment out there for what I suffered from and there was.”

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Said Mary Zanarini – the professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School who treated Marshall this summer – to The South Florida Sun-Sentinel: “BPD is a well understood psychological disorder. It’s not a form of misbehavior.”

Marshall said he plans to lobby Congress for funds to assist research into the disease, adding:

“There comes a time in a guy like myself’s life, with everything that I’ve been through, that you become bulletproof to the critics and to what the world thinks of you. Right now, today, I am vulnerable. I am making myself vulnerable. And I want it to be clear that this is the opposite of damage control. The only reason why I’m standing here today is to use my story to help others who may suffer from what I suffer from.”

Most importantly, how should this admission affect Marshall’s status in your fantasy football draft? It’s not nearly as troublesome as the fact that Chad Henne is his quarterback. He probably shouldn’t be higher than your second wide receiver, at best.