Big Brother Recap: Just Lose It!

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We have reached the point of the Big Brother season where the cast, having spent weeks in a faux house on a CBS studio lot, is starting to go slightly insane.

Everything seems like life or death - and not just for Rachel and Brendon - when you're inside the bubble. The entertainment value, of course, only increases.

Who won the Power of Veto and who's up on the block headed into tonight's live eviction? THG breaks down last night's BB episode in its +/- recap below ...


"I'm gonna invent something that's gonna cure cancer." - Brendon. Minus 20. He IS a PhD student and we can accept that he's smart, but when he proclaims this Rachel inside the Big Brother house, it's impossible to take seriously.

Brendon and Jeff are totally wearing the same clothes now. Plus 6.

"Hey Daniele, are you planning anything that I should tell Jeff and Jordan?" - Shelly. So smooth! People are really starting to crack up in here. Minus 5.

Dani makes an overture to Rachel, making it clear she has Brendon in her sights. An odd move, but that's Dani. The results will tell the story. Plus 4.

Brendon spent much of the episode whining about how he's going to take Rachel off the block and fall on his sword for her. Dude, get a life! Minus 7.

The Power of Veto competition involved guessing how long it took people to complete past challenges. Just too much brainpower for Porsche. Plus 5.

Jeff has a near panic attack after blowing the PoV. Plus 8.

Kalia posits that the inane things shouted - "Very good. Right on time. Perfect form!" - during PoV were derivatives of Brenchel pillow talk. Plus 11.

Brendon, obviously, wins the Veto. Minus 9, because while the term "floater" only loosely applies to some of these people, they need to step up.

"Guess what, Boo-kie? I'm using the veto on you." Ugh. Minus 7.

Jordan and Jeff on BB13

They're going to tell everyone else, including Jeff and Jordan, that he's saving himself just to cause chaos. Okay, we can get behind this. Plus 9.

Disappointingly, it looks like Brendon's going down in flames and will deprive us of our long-awaited Brenchel vs. Jeff/Jordan showdown. Minus 3.

Of course, Daniele already knows who she's nominating regardless, and since the surviving half of Brenchel will be gunning for her anyway, it's all kind of moot. But Minus only 1, since Brendon's insanity can never be called uninteresting.

Brendon shocks EVERYONE (no one) by saving Rachel after all! Jordan is nominated as a replacement, a pretty smart maneuver by Daniele, since no one's voting Jordan off the show besides Rachel. Brendon's toast. Plus 8.

For the second straight season, Brendon talked in circles, terrifed people, and teamed with THE most hated person, all of which cost a guy who is in many respects a really strong player any chance of winning. Minus 10.

Once again, Lawon is skating through clean as a whistle. Anyone else think he's really a diabolical genius? Okay, maybe not, but Plus 4 anyway.


Did Boo-kie make the right call? Who should he have saved?

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