America's Got Talent Results: Who Advanced?

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America's Got Talent offered a few eliminated surprises this week. But will they last? I have a feeling at least two will get Wild Carded.

Eliminations Part 1 - Frank Miles, Avery & the Calico Hearts, Taylor Davis, Fatally Unique - Avery & the Calico Hearts held the strongest performance of the first six performers, but they wavered against the second half of the show. Frank missed the doughnut and Taylor missed several keys, so they were obviously going to be eliminated in this group.

When Fatally Unique was called, I was partially disappointed. Fatally Unique did a great job, but their dancing and creativity was trumped by Team iLuminate. I'm expecting Avery & the Calico Hearts to get Wild Carded by Sharon.

Zuma Zuma on Stage

Musical Guest - Jason Derulo "Don't Wanna Go Home" - He must have been singing on top of the track because you could hear pitchy notes on top of perfect ones. When he switched over to the main song, he clearly was lip-syncing parts and dancing as hard as he could to compensate.

Eliminations Part 2 - Zuma Zuma (pictured), Yellow Design Stunt Team - One can say that Zuma Zuma had the masculine version of pole dancing, but I prefer Steven Retchless. On the other hand, Yellow Design Stunt Team was another group of people on cycles, motorized or not, and their only difference was that they sharpened their visuals. Either group could have made it through but congratulations go to Zuma Zuma. Their smiles are infectious and their dancing has spirit.

Eliminations Part 3 - Sam B, Scott Alexander , Team iLuminate, - When the three acts stood there, it was obvious to everyone that iLuminate would dominate. I'd argue that Sam B only got votes from his friends and family. Scott Alexander did a routine that everyone has seen, but the gospel twist may have backfired on trying to get fans. Team iLuminate had the twelfth spot and got to close the show, giving them the most exposure.

Musical Guest - Maroon 5 "Moves like Jagger" - Lead singer Adam Levine has a similar quality to Mick Jagger: he's a bit gawky but oozes sex appeal because he's the lead singer of a band. Of course I'm sure that NBC made sure that they would have Adam on for cross promotion as Nick tried to slip in The Voice advertisements.

Eliminations Part 4 - Charles Peachock, Kinetic King, Melissa Villasignor - Charles did a juggling routine that any early juggler could do. At least Thomas John was funny with the xylophone-juggling during his audition. The Kinetic King had an epic fail. The way that the producers edited Melissa on this episode made her seem funnier than her whole routine actually was. The person eliminated was obviously The Kinetic King. Even if he succeeded, I'm not sure if people were voting for him because kinetics isn't a winning talent.

The judges had to vote between Charles and Melissa. Sharon seemed like she was on the fence, but voted for Melissa. She did also X Charles during his performance. Piers was convinced that Charles had the better chance of winning. Howie voted for Melissa, considering he's been emphasizing how hard it is for a comedian to have only 90 seconds.

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