Arnold Schwarzenegger: Dissing Maria Shriver Hard With T-Shirt?

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I Survived Maria.

Probably the best message for Arnold Schwarzenegger to sport on a t-shirt while bike riding in Santa Monica Sunday, given how badly he betrayed his wife.

Could the actor really be dissing her so hard after putting her through a love child scandal? Check out the shirt below - but there's actually more to this:

Arnold Schwarzenegger T-Shirt

According to TMZ, which took these photos, they did some digging and learned that the former Governor got the shirt at a farewell party for the staff last year.

In other words, before their marriage unraveled.

The shirts were designed by Maria's staff, as a joke. The one they gave Arnold had 2007 (the year most of the staff members started working for him) crossed out and 1977 (the year they started dating) scribbled above.

Wearing it in public is a surprise move, but it's entirely unrelated to the scandal, and despite the tumultuous last few months, Arnold and Maria remain on very amicable terms as they hammer out their impending divorce.

[Photos: TMZ]

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