Ames Brown and Jackie Gordon: It's Already Over!

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Jackie Gordon and Ames Brown's surprising, heartwarming exit from Bachelor Pad made more than a few eyes unexpectedly tear up Monday night.

They seemed to be smitten with each other, a terrific match, and too normal for the show in general. America had really high hopes for these two!

Sadly, it's already over between them.

Ames on Bachelor Pad
Jackie on Bachelor Pad

"Um, well, we had a great time on the show and we chose love over money in the competition," said Brown, 31, a New York portfolio manager.

"However, we are not still dating. We enjoyed every moment we had together, but after a little while, we split up. Nothing too exotic about it."

Truth be told, the lovebirds only lasted a couple of weeks after leaving the series, he said, adding, "We just maybe weren't the ideal match."

Gordon, a 27-year-old artist/teacher, called Ames a "wonderful person" who "made me feel very comfortable," but suggested he dumped her.

"I was shocked that it ended as it did. I thought it was potential forever," she said. "It came out of nowhere. As far as I knew, things were great."

"I thought it would have lasted much longer than it did," Jackie lamented, on the same conference call. "I guess you didn't. It takes two." Ouch.

There has been speculation that fan favorite Ames may have pulled the plug on the relationship to bolster his chances of being The Bachelor.

We sincerely doubt this. More than likely, it was what it looked like - the two of them hitting it off, and Ames choosing her over Bachelor Pad.

Now that it didn't work out, he's single again, but he's got some stiff competition if he wants to be The Bachelor. Who do you think it should be?

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