Spotted: Ashley Hebert and ... The Bachelorette Winner?!

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Throughout the season, The Bachelorette spoilers we've read, and posted for viewing at your discretion, have been proven 100 percent accurate.

Now, new images of Ashley Hebert and the man who many believe will be her final rose recipient only bolster rumors about the August 1 finale.

We've reported that the season ends with Ashley Hebert engaged. But who gets down on one knee? If you don't want to know ... turn back now.

Ashley Hebert and ...

One of the reported shots of Ashley and The Bachelorette winner during a secret rendezvous this spring/summer. Follow the jump for clearer images.

ET Canada first aired these photos and the ultimate show insider/thorn in Mike Fleiss' side, Reality Steve, came through with the screen grabs.

Follow the jump for shots of Ashley and her man ...

J.P. Rosenbaum Sighting
Ashley Hebert Sighting

Yup, that's J.P. Rosenbaum with Ashley Hebert.

These pictures first surfaced July 1 and were quickly lost in the shuffle during the holiday weekend. Also, no U.S. station aired them that we know of.

Yes, in the first photo above, JP’s bag is cut off, and it is obvious that those are two different pictures taken and put together. Classic tabloid move.

However, the two side-by-side pictures clearly show that it's J.P., and that it's Ashley, and they certainly appear to be in the same place (in NYC).

So, now you know what we know. It's not a lot, but there you have it. Draw your own conclusions, and we'll keep you updated. If you already saw these, sorry.

Who do you think Ashley should choose?

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