Pippa Middleton: Stylish, Corporate

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Crazy as it sounds in an era where people like Kim Kardashian become famous for no reason, then make a living off being famous, Pippa Middleton has a real job.

The 27-year-old sister of Kate Middleton works 2-3 days a week for her parents' event planning company Party Pieces, serving as editor of The Party Times.

Here, she's seen in her dark sunglasses as she began her workweek in London, looking professional in a dark outfit with a leather attaché case:

Pippa Goes to Work

Pippa also works part-time in an event management role with Table Talk, a company based in London that organizes corporate events and parties.

In the August edition of Tatler, writer Annabel Rivkin examines the hoopla surrounding Pippa Middleton following Kate's April 29 royal wedding:

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that, post-Diana, we need to respect the Duchess of Cambridge's personal space. But it appears to be open season on her sister - will she blossom or buckle under the pressure?"

Blossom, it appears. Early and often.

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