Jenelle Evans: Smoking Weed Again AFTER Failed Drug Test?

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Four days after allegedly testing positive for drugs (THC, commonly found in marijuana, to be exact) and violating probation in the process, Teen Mom train wreck Jenelle Evans was seen smoking what looks to be a fat blunt.

According to the North Carolina probation report, Jenelle tested positive July 13, and even admitted to smoking weed when informed of the results July 15.

Then, on July 17, this happened:

Jenelle Evans Smokes Weed

A CHRONIC PROBLEM: Jenelle certainly has/is one.

Sure, maybe that's a cigarette or clove of some kind in a brown wrapper. We weren't there. But given her track record, it's hard to assume the best.

Jenelle Evans, who is on probation for a drug-related conviction in April, is due in court in August to deal with the alleged probation violation.

Her lawyer had no comment when prompted by TMZ.

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