Chris Harrison Shoots Down Talk of Emily Maynard as The Bachelorette

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Rumors that next season will star Emily Maynard as The Bachelorette are greatly exaggerated, according to venerable host-pimp Chris Harrison.

Still, he left the door open for that possibility later.

“It is way too early, way too presumptuous of anybody to say that Emily is The Bachelorette," Chris said this week on Access Hollywood Live.

Emily, Brad and Pimp

Harrison said that despite the Bachelorette rumors, Emily's split with Brad Womack is still too raw, and she likely won't seek love on TV again.

“It’s obviously been bantered about. We’re not idiots, we've talked about it, but it hadn’t even been broached to her," he said. "It is way too soon.”

“They're barely even broken up. As far as TV goes, we don’t go into production for six more months. We would never pigeonhole ourselves."

In a tear-jerking interview Monday, Emily said her split with Brad boiled down to commitment issues and her being a single parent to Ricki, 6.

Lamenting the media scrutiny, she sure didn't seem like a girl who would do it again. But you never know. If she did, Chris has a new idea:

“If she were our Bachelorette, I would love to announce it early on and cast for her ... I think it would be a dynamic show, to see the guys that would really step forward, because you know, you’re stepping in as the dad too.”

You certainly wouldn't run into a Bentley situation that way, where he was outspokenly disappointed to see Ashley Hebert as the star. For the latest on the current season, check out The Bachelorette spoilers here. Then tell us:

Should Emily be the next Bachelorette?

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