Casey Anthony to Undergo Major Mental Health Treatment

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No matter what you think of the Casey Anthony verdict, it's clear this is a wise move. The 25-year-old will seek treatment for serious mental issues.

As such, the acquitted murder suspect won't be sitting down with ABC, NBC, CBS or any other network for an interview in the foreseeable future.

Guilty or not, she needs to receive professional help ASAP.

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Sources say Casey is seeking treatment for three reasons:

  1. She realizes her questionable behavior when daughter Caylee Anthony went missing in 2008 stemmed from "obvious mental health issues."
  2. She needs help coping with the "obvious trauma of losing her child."
  3. She spent nearly three years in solitary confinement in a Florida jail. That's 23 hours a day in a cramped cell, with death row looming if she were convicted of murder. A source close to Casey says "It messed with her head."

When she's healthy, Anthony will have the final word on where and how her story will be told. Attorney Jose Baez will continue to field offers.


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