Casey Anthony: In Hiding In California?

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With little money to her name, several lawsuits pending and a vitriolic public still calling for justice, Casey Anthony may have been better off in jail.

So where is Casey Anthony? Completely MIA since her early Sunday release from the Florida jail where she resided for three years, that's where.

Her attorneys wisely won't reveal her location or plans, but their calls to respect the verdict and leave Casey alone have largely gone unheeded.

The accused child killer could be in hiding in Carlsbad, Calif., near San Diego, according to a nwq report this morning on NBC's Today show.

Tracking the ownership of the Pilatus PC-12 private jet that whisked Anthony out of Orlando Sunday morning, NBC pointed to California attorney Todd Macaluso, who at one point had been a member of Casey's defense team.

Macaluso reportedly had given her $70,000.

Macaluso's firm maintains an office at the Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, with a private plane available to the firm anytime on very short notice.

There are also reports that Macaluso left Anthony's defense team early last year after running into trouble with the California Bar Association.

The plane carrying Casey Anthony is believed to have taken a circuitous route before landing at John Wayne Airport, in Orange County, Calif.

The Phoenix Fox TV station KSAZ reports that one of the stops could have been Prescott, Ariz., which is also a possible destination or Casey.

NBC also says the IRS has placed a tax lien against Anthony, and that one of her moneymaking plans might be a pay-per-view TV interview.

Anthony was ridiculed by hecklers as she walked free this weekend. We can only imagine the uproar if she charges foir a television sit-down.


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