Casey Anthony Released From Jail, Heckled By Protesters

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Casey Anthony became a free woman early Sunday morning.

Just after midnight, wearing blue jeans and a bright pink top, and with hundreds of protesters heckling her, the 25-year-old walked out of the front door of the Orange County Booking and Release Center in Orlando, Fla.

With her were attorney Jose Baez and two sheriff's deputies:

With the cash from her supporters and a police escort into a gray SUV, Anthony drove her into the hot Florida night, her destination unknown.

"She had a look of relief on her face," said photographer Tony Zumbado. "There was a smile on her face. She looked glad to be out of there."

Most people were not decidedly unhappy she's out of there.

An angry crowd of more than 300 people had formed outside the jail. Police on horseback tried to maintain control of the vitriolic mob scene.

"Casey, rot in hell!" one person screamed at Anthony.

"You killed your daughter, Casey!" shouted another.

That person is far from alone in that belief, but a jury concluded that based on the evidence presented, prosecutors couldn't prove she did it.

Casey was arrested, tried and acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee. The highly unpopular verdict shocked the public and has resulted in many death threats for Anthony and those close to her.

Anthony's future whereabouts and plans are unclear.


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