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Let’s ignore the Smurf crossovers from last night’s America’s Got Talent results show and just focus on who moved on, okay?

Eliminations Part 1 – Ian Johnson, Summerwind Skippers, Purrfect Angelz – Johnson had a messy performance; he needs more time to mature. The Summerwind Skippers were good, but suffered from the fact that they went first in a show packed with several standout acts. They got lost in the shuffle of really good performances. There was nothing spectacular for the Purrfect Angelz; they fit perfectly for a NASCAR or even a wrestling match and maybe this exposure could book them a few extra gigs. I was happy to hear that none of them moved on. I wouldn’t even want to see them during the wildcard acts.

Musical Guest – Stevie Nicks “For What It’s Worth” – One day when I grow old, I hope I’m rocking like Stevie Nicks when I get old, still writing original music and booking gigs on America’s Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars. Extra credit for her including Michael Grimm on her tour.

Nilsa Prowant Spring Break

Eliminations Part 2 – I was worried when the two acts were against each other. PopLyfe managed to turn a very vocalist-heavy song into a full band performance. As much as Landau is “Black Sinatra” he deserves a place with his strong singing and his good camera connection skills. Luckily, PopLyfe and Landau were both through, but it looked obvious when the first elimination didn’t follow the same routine. PopLyfe’s hugging reaction showed that these kids are in it for the experience.

Eliminations Part 3 – Mauricio Herrera, Captain & Maybelle , Lys Agnes, Monet – It was obvious that Lys Agnes was going through. Mauricio was silly and he probably knew that he wouldn’t be moving forward. The Captain was too gruesome for the average American to watch. As talented as the performance is the Captain must have known that this was more of exposure than actually winning. Finally, Monet not only sang badly, she chose a song that was too mature for her. Lys, while she wavered a little vocally, had a solid performance and performed near the end of the show.

Musical Performance – Fighting Gravity – The performance showed advancement in the routine. The cubes, smoke, drumsticks, and shark showed more creativity combined with their floating bodies and tennis balls. There were minor issues with the background dancers accidentally showing a random leg that wasn’t correctly covered. They need to learn that there are more colors that react to black light outside of white, neon green/yellow, and neon pink/red. The whole routine reminded me that team iLuminate will be coming next week and they will have a lot to live up to.

Musical Guest – Stevie Nicks “Edge of Seventeen” – Stevie had to adjust the classic because she couldn’t hit the high notes like she used to. The song is still amazing because the band arrangement sounds as strong as the original, but still powerful because of the energy. Keep on kicking, Stevie.

Eliminations Part 4 – Professor Splash, Seth Grabel, SH’Boss Boys – In the behind the scenes video Professor Splash couldn’t have survived the fall without some bruises. On a second look Splash’s legs barely made the pool. Seth’s trick was the right scale, but I wonder if the blonde he screamed at in Vegas was still employed by Seth. The SH’Boss boys were eliminated and it was because they were manipulated by the producers instead of having a full original song. While the two begged for their survival, I preferred Seth Grabel. As the camera zoomed in on Seth I was more concerned that Seth had a zip-up tie.

While Sharon agreed with me, Howie and Piers voted for Professor Splash. I hope that Professor Splash bites it on live television so that the producers get what they are hoping for.