The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Whining & Dining

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey are back and the theme of the week is family feuds. Wait, isn't that always the theme on this show? 

In any case, let's recap the action with our +/- review:

Caroline starts her radio show and although she's realistically apprehensive I'll give her Plus 8 having the guts to go for it. She's got a bit of a learning curve but Caroline's got the spunk and determination to be a success. Besides, when it comes to family, she's a bit of a know it all.

Caroline Manzo Radio Show

Joe and Teresa Giudice finally sit down to talk. Well, it's about damn time. Did that take forever or was it just me? I'm so tired of hearing Joe Gorga whine about how much Teresa has changed. Minus 10 for singing the same tune over and over.

Minus 10 for Teresa as well for constantly blaming Melissa. Yes, she's played a large part in this but Joe and Teresa need to stop acting like spoiled brats.

When they finally start to talk, these two can't get past the first five minutes without bickering and blaming one another and their spouses.

Joe tells Teresa what happened at the christening was disgusting. Um, I believe he's the one who started the screaming and the cursing. Minus 5 for selective memory.

Joe's opinion is that Teresa needs to "sit there and say that you f*cked up." Nice. One thing you can count on Joe for is always being the classy guy in the room. Heck, I'll give him a Plus 5 for being consistent.

Melissa has a whole list of things she's holding against Teresa. The problem is that Teresa has a similar list. Can everyone throw out the damn lists already? Either start over or move on because this feud is getting really boring.

How Do We Get Past This?

At least Teresa is asking how we get past this. Plus 10 for admitting that she wants to try. Joe's response is to tell her to get together with their mother and his wife and to "make it right." Have I mentioned how much I dislike this guy.

Kathy looks down her nose at her friends who hired a chef for the night's dinner. Minus 5 for being judgmental of her host. Can't anyone just enjoy the meal?

At least Joe resist the urge to bash his sister when the bankruptcy issues  are brought up at dinner. For that he earns a Plus 5.

Best line of the night goes to Caroline. "Put your big girl panties on. Get over it."  It's that kind of blunt advice that will make her talk show a hit. Plus 7.

Jacqueline offers her home as neutral territory for the Teresa / Melissa summit talks. Unfortunately the show ends before they get down to it. 


Next week the entire crew heads to New York State's Catskills on vacation. Firearms will be available. Bring your flak jackets and don't miss it.

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