Keeping Up with the Kardashians Review: She's 15!!!

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Kendall Jenner is only 15 years old.

The aspiring model's father reminded his step-daughter of this numerous times on last night's edition of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but it's hard to blame Kim for thinking otherwise. Remember this photo shoot?

Among other storylines on the latest episode of this dreadfully boring series: Lamar Odom flipped a mattress and Kris Jenner acted like a stalker. Catch up on all the (non) action below, via THG's patented Plus/Minus episode guide...

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 6 Promo Pic

During Khloe's acupuncture session (she's SO stressed, people!), Kim pricks her finger and says: "I just put it in me so hard." PLUS 3 for at least attempting a Ray J impression.

After Kris walks into his house, Scott says all he wants is a little privacy. MINUS 17 for saying this to a TV camera.

"I model because I'm more like a personality," says Kim while taking Kendall to NYC. MINUS 8 for her forgetting to add "a personality... that's less interesting than pocket lint."

Kourtney says a chair looks like a vagina. She likely knows from watching her sister's sex tape. MINUS 2. That's gross.

Kourtney also lies to her mother about why she needs the spare key to her house, and then lies to Scott about how she finagled the item from her mom. PLUS 6 for a job well done. No way either of them finds out about these fibs.

Lamar Odom helps Khloe flip the couple's mattress. PLUS 6 for showing more effort here than he did during the entire Lakers/Mavs playoffs series in 2011.

Oooh, tough one. Kris already found out about key-based lie Kourtney told her. That misdirection may have actually been shorter than Kim's marriage to Kris Humphries will be. MINUS 4.

Lu Sierra shows up. She's a Runway Coach. PLUS 5 for shocking me. Who knew someone had a more pointless job than Kim?

After Kendall doesn't take the coaching seriously, Kim says there are "honestly no words for how mad I am at Kendall right now." MINUS 10 to the writers. Their only job is to come up with words for these mannequins!

"No to stage moms," Kim tells Kendall by way of apology. "Yes to long sexy legs." PLUS 6 because I'm pretty sure Kim just insulted her mother twice.

Kris gives Scott and Kourtney their key back and tells the camera: "This is the biggest mistake these guys could have made." PLUS 13 for Mason Dash pumping his fist and thinking: Yes! Number-two!


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