So You Think You Can Dance in L.A.: The Good, Bad and Ugly

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So You Think You Can Dance made its final auditions stop last night in Los Angeles. 

As always, the evening began with waiting line cheers, high kicks, Cat learning how to move and slow motion flips. Along with Nigel and Mary, Tyce Diorio brought nothing but snarky sound effects to accentuate Mary's yells.

So You Think You Can Dance Cast Pic

Let's take a look at both the good, the bad and the ugly from the night, shall we?

The Good
Determination: Ariel Cocker auditioned in seasons four, five, and seven and made it through easily. You could see the drive in her eyes. Her walking had the kind of fire that only years of rejection could show.

Hero McRae: Her Japanese interview style was equally as cute as any random YouTube video. I half-expected a dramatic chipmunk to emerge or have her dance to the nyan poptart cat. She had some of the best pop and lock motions I've ever seen.

Jordan Casanova: Jordan opened the show with sass and sensuality. She captured both the high amounts of technique and the passion of a street hooker trying to make money.

The Bad
Family Members: There was one extreme where the girl from Arizona joked around about strapping her grandmother to the roof of her car. The other extreme was the last contemporary dancer to make it past choreography on day two that had to hug a random girl and her mother. The two sisters Natalia and Sasha were great dancers, but their sisterly bickering got a bit pushy. The other pair of sisters, Jeanine and Alexis Mason, had a bit of that same sisterly bickering; Jeanine punching her sister in the breasts and smacking her in the butt.

Finally, DC Chapman was expecting a baby, but the way that Cat asked if it was expected was hysterical. You knew from the couple’s awkward reaction that it wasn't. DC's choice of "That's Life" made more sense.

The Ugly
Big C: If I still believed in Santa, man, I'd be traumatized. He wasn't horrible with krump, he was shaking and giggling.

The Exorcist Dancer: We never got her name, but we saw her several times, including Cat's explanation for what represents a "No" dancer and part of montages of "bad" dancers. She was a combination of a bad dancer and an ugly dresser, truthfully, but the producers thought she clearly was television gold.

Patty Anne Miller's fashion sense: Cat's use of the word "Tomboyish" was an understatement. The dancer/drummer not only had the krump spirit, but the same exact look as Lil' C. I would never hire her as my fashion consultant.

Nigel's Jokes: Nigel actually went there with the joke of Tyce having "no ballroom" in his trousers.

I'm really excited about the Las Vegas rounds, but I fear all of the one-dimensional dancers will get eliminated early when all of the choreographers start pushing too hard. The group round will show how confident all the other well-rounded dancers are with the krumpers and pop and lockers. Who do you think stood out?

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