Jenelle Evans: Out of Rehab, 30 Days Sober

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Teen Mom 2 train wreck Jenelle Evans has completed her stint in rehab and the MTV star now has a staggering 30 days of sobriety under her belt.

Hey, it's Jenelle Evans. Any progress is amazing.

The 19-year-old left her North Carolina home on May 7 to check into a treatment facility while her mother Barbara took custody of her son Jace.

“The rehab helped her out quite a bit with some of the issues she struggled with going in,” Evans’ attorney, Dustin Sullivan, said in an interview.

Jenelle Evans Booking Photo

“She was tested for drugs in rehab, and she has now had a sober 30 days which is wonderful,” the attorney added, and it's a good thing too.

Evans was arrested on March 27 for her role in a brawl with Britany Truett, stemming from a huge beef over Jenelle's d-bag ex Kieffer Delp.

Sullivan says the rehab was not court-ordered, Evans' personal decision.

“She is required to meet with her probation officer once a month and be drug tested,” he said. “[Jenelle] is not required to go to any AA meetings or anything else now that she is out.  But she just got home."

"Her continuing care is something she is aware of now.”

As for future plans, Teen Mom Season 3 will reunite the original cast, which does not include Jenelle. Probably for the best. It’s unclear if Evans will try to spend more time with Jace, but she wants to go to school.

“She is trying to get into Cape Fear Community College for summer session,” Sullivan said. “I know she was excited to see Jace.  She was missing him tremendously.  It was the longest period of time she has been without him.”

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