Anthony Weiner Hacking Excuse: Debunked?

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There's a new development in the case of Anthony Weiner vs. Anonymous Hacker. And it's not good news for the New York Congressman.

While it's still possible that Weiner's Twitter account was broken into, and that's how a photo of his covered crotch ended up being sent to a 21-year old follower, the folks at TweetCongress dot org have uncovered a key piece of circumstantial evidence.

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A website that follows the social networking activity of politicians, TweetCongress reports that Weiner was using TweetDeck (an Adobe application) on May 27, the day the scandalous pic was sent.

By connecting Weiner's application of choice with the platform on which the photo was sent, Chet Wisniewski - a senior security adviser at SophosLabs - said the TweetDeck stamp “does make it more plausible that it did come from him.”

Had the photo originated from a different source, such as Yfrog, Weiner's hacking claim would carry more weight.

But "the complexity goes up” in defending that course of action now, says Chris McCroskey, the Texas software developer who founded

Does this new information automatically indict Weiner as a liar? No. However, for a man who has already acknowledged the picture could be of him, it certainly isn't a positive development.


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