Amber Portwood: I'm Going to Rehab

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is going to rehab.

“I am going to rehab for anger control issues and depression,” she confirms to Star (via Radar) and after the month she's had, it's a wise move.

Losing Her Baby FOREVER

“I’m on medication at the moment to just help me relax," she adds. "I’m in a vulnerable state right now. I know people want a lot of answers.”

Mostly, we just want her to live to see age 22.

Last week's meltdown was merely the latest in a series of ugly incidents for the Anderson, Ind., native, who has more run-ins with police than we can count.

News that Amber Portwood was hospitalized after a suicide attempt broke last week. She was found by police and later admitted she had taken pills.

Earlier, she had a disturbing conversation with baby daddy Gary Shirley, telling him she was depressed about her life and just wanted to end it all.

Shirley called 911 after this happened.

Rope was reportedly found at her home. Amber was held at a hospital on a 72-hour watch, pending a psychiatric evaluation, and then released.

The exact details of what happened aren't known, but Gary is on her team right now, and Portwood is heading off to rehab in the Golden State.

“Before I go to California I’m pursuing help with a psychiatrist,” said the mother of two-year-old Leah. “My daughter is keeping me strong.”

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