50 Cent to Address Bullying in Debut Novel

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50 Cent continues to branch out career-wise.

The rapper has teamed up with Razorbill publisher Ben Schrank to write and release a book called Playground, a semi-autobiographical novel based on his childhood.

One major theme: The issue of teen bullying.

The story, set to be released next January, will reportedly focus on a 13-year old schoolyard bully "who finds redemption as he faces what he's done."

Fifty Cent

"I had a strong desire to write Playground because I wanted to explore how a kid becomes a bully," said 50 Cent in a statement earlier this week.

"I drew on events from my own childhood and adolescence, but was equally excited to see the story take on its own life."

"This book would have been very helpful for me growing up and now that I have a teenage son, it is my goal that this will have a positive influence on all teenagers."

While we never pegged 50 Cent for a socially-conscious novelist, he does have plenty of interesting stories and lessons to share. Are we right?

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