Ronnie and Snooki Make Pizzas, Situation Still MIA

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When Ronnie Magro isn't doling out beatings to The Situation in Italy, he and the rest of the cast have been dishing out pizzas at a parlor in Florence.

Apparently a rival pizza place in town - along with a majority of the locals in the European country - has already taken great offense to the idea.

"Munaciello Pizzeria has placed a bright green sign in their window that says, 'Tamarri Americans: Jersey Shore' .... no thank you," says a source.

Tamarri is Italian slang that can be roughly translated as yokel or uncultured idiot. Yup, that pretty much sums it up nicely. But they look happy:

Snooki and Ron

No fellow cast members were beaten during the making of this pizza.


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