Jonathan Lipnicki: Amber Watson Tried to Annihilate Me!

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Jonathan Lipnicki played the adorable little kid in Jerry Maguire. He's all grown up now (20) with grown-up problems most of us never experience.

Lipnicki recently obtained a restraining order against ex-girlfriend Amber Watson, who he claims broke into his home and attacked him in his bed.

"When I tried to get up, she tried to pin me to my bed," he says in court documents. "I had to move her off me physically... she threatened to annihilate me."

This is Ray from Jerry Maguire! Seriously!

We have no idea how she planned to annihilate him exactly, but we're glad it didn't happen. No one deserves to be decimated, even after a bad breakup.

Lipnicki says on May 14, his roommates let 20-year-old Amber, also an actress, into the house. Big mistake. It's unclear why, but she was not pleased.

Watson immediately ran to the former kid star's bedroom, where, Lipnicki claims, she pulled off his sheets and threatened to finish him off ... for good!

She must now stay at least 100 yards away from the actor. And his dog.