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The Royal Wedding couldn’t have gone better for the UK’s first family, but semi-racy Pippa Middleton pictures continue to surface and cause a stir online.

Pippa, the younger and less reserved sister of newly-crowned Duchess Catherine, is simply doing what a stunning, twenty-something party girl does.

But when your sister marries Prince William, everything is scrutinized.

One shows Pippa in a bra and short white skirt grinding with a guy who’s clearly psyched. Not something Queen Elizabeth would be psyched about.

Racy Pippa Middleton Photo Controversy

“They were taken a few years ago,” says CBS News Royal Contributor Victoria Arbiter of the racy snaps. “Yes, Pippa is in her underwear, but she’s not doing anything illegal. They’re the sort of pictures that crop up for pretty much any college student.”

“It’s just unfortunate that Pippa’s learning about fame the hard way. “

So how are Pippa and her royal in-laws handling the controversy?

“It’s not that she’s angry,” Arbiter said. “But by association, it’s embarrassing for the royal family. The queen would much rather us be talking about William taking part in two mountain rescues this week (in his role as a military helicopter pilot).”

“But instead, Pippa made quite a splash at the wedding, and so, of course, that’s what we’re talking about. I’m sure (the queen is) going to be having a word to make sure these pictures are sat on and, hopefully, this will be the last we see of them.”

Pippa “absolutely” didn’t realize she’d be the subject of so much scrutiny, Arbiter says, “especially because these pictures were taken awhile ago.”

“Pippa is a classy girl. She is a good girl. She’s definitely got a twinkle in her eye. She’s not quite as well-behaved as Kate, shall we say? But she goes into a nightclub looking fabulous and she comes out looking fabulous.”

“She’s not sort of falling all over the place, losing her mind.”

Or accepting offers from Vivid.