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It’s almost summer. The birds are chirping louder, the sun is shining brighter – and Marisa Miller is preparing to don such teeny, tiny bikinis that the jaws of men everywhere are in danger of hanging permanently agape.

“Summer is my favorite time of the year,” the super model tells Esquire. “It’s warm, everybody gets outside, girls wear a little less clothing, and there’s lots of concerts. Everybody’s just ready to have some fun.”

If men can take their eyes off the picture above for a few seconds, Miller also has advice for how they might win over females such as herself: don’t wear a Speedo.

Marisa Miller Baby Photo
“I don’t understand the guys who wear that really tight Euro-spandex,” she says. “I just don’t get it. For me, I grew up around surfers – guys in trunks – and I like that. You want a guy to be a guy, you know?”

In terms of a woman being a woman, Miller has things covered nicely. Or NOT covered nicely, to be exact. Click on the following photos to see what we mean: