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How can you not love the Hamptons? It’s so beautiful, so peaceful. 

That is until the housewives arrive, drink all the Pinot and steal the dip.

I used to think Kelly was the crazy one of the group but lately I’ve begun to realize that that title is up for grabs. Ramona scares me. I think it’s the crazy eyes. She makes Kelly look sane. The fact that Ramona has no filter between her brain and her mouth is highly entertaining to watch but must be hell to live with.

Kelly Bensimon In Sultry Pose

I lost track of the number of people Ramona offended in this episode.

First she calls out Luann’s mothering abilities at a party. Granted, I question the idea of leaving two teenagers virtually unattended for a couple of days.

Who is this “mother’s helper” Luann speaks of? Luann’s kids come across as intelligent and well behaved but even the best teenagers find trouble.

That being said, Ramona still had no business questioning Luann’s parenting and certainly not in public.

Ramona scares Kelly to the point that the poor woman practically recoils in fear when Ramona approaches her at Cindy’s party. 

Then Ramona goes on the attack with Cindy’s brother and like a little blonde pitbull she won’t let it go. Then she quickly plays the victim showing Cindy her shaking hands. I wasn’t sure if Ramona should have laid off the Pinot or gotten another glass.

Sonja was a whole other train wreck. If she treats all of her friends the way she treats Cindy I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be near her.

First she’s annoyed that her driver had to take her all the way to Tribeca to meet Cindy for shopping. Then she insults the town where Cindy’s party is being held in the Hamptons.

But my favorite was when she told Cindy that she’s marked all of her company’s e-mail as junk mail and never reads it. “But that’s not an insult.”

My God, can you imagine if Sonja was actually trying to insult her!

I think Cindy was right to give Kelly the heads up about the set up with Ramona. Sonja didn’t think Kelly’s kids being there was a big deal but Sonja doesn’t see much past herself. Unfortunately Kelly outed poor Cindy.

I’m sure Cindy’s going to get an earful next week.

Alex was virtually nonexistent in this episode and Jill’s still traveling the land down under but it looks like she’s back next week. I’m sure the sparks will fly.

As for Kelly and Sonja’s dog  walk on the beach goes…sand angels or listening to Sonja? No contest. Kelly’s looking saner every week.