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The Real Housewives of New York City were back again last night with speed dating, runway walks, and hair removal, and the results are simply ridiculous.

Ramona is asked to take another run at the catwalk. Given the fiasco her walk created last year I can only imagine that she’s invited back as a publicity stunt.

It’s hard to say which is funnier, Ramona’s zombie eyed expression or the height difference between her and all of the other models.

One by one these tall, slender, professional models hit the runway and then there’s Ramona and you have to look two feet lower.

Kelly Bensimon In Sultry Pose

As one of the ladies quipped, it’s like Ramona is the mascot.

Alex gives modeling a go as well with a campy photo shoot. OK, I guess it’s trying to be high fashion but the entire picture was absurd. I’m not sure what was worse, the hair teased to look like a brillo pad, the overly dramatic eye makeup, or Alex’s strange expressions.

Then Alex shows up to Ramona’s event wearing the get up she was photographed in.

I know she says she had to run straight from the photo shoot, but showing up with that hair took guts. The ladies comments range from asking if she wore a wig, wondering if she’d had an electrical shock, and thinking she was a koochi girl. 

I will say I enjoyed parts of Ramona’s speech.

Her father refused to pay for her education because he thought it would be a waste of money since she’d just get married and have babies. Coming from that sort of environment to running her own businesses, Ramona is an inspiration.

Unfortunately, that only applies to business, not necessarily friendship.

She was certainly quick to skewer Kelly when she RSVP’d to her event. At first I thought Kelly was being silly when she nervously texted Ramona. Looks like I was wrong.

Heaven forbid Kelly have other plans. Who knew that not attending this one night was grounds for friendship mutiny.

Speaking of odd friendships, Alex and Sonja have a sit down to clear the air. Of course I think it went “in one ear, and out the other” for both parties.

Sonja says she’s uncomfortable around Simon so what does Alex do? She initiates a group hug, with Simon,the next time they’re all together. 

Alex was thrilled that Simon went “all out” for her birthday this year. Really? It was a picnic with mini hot dogs and plastic champagne flutes. Hey, a party’s a party but I wouldn’t exactly call that going all out. And as Kelly described the day it was “cold, cold, and really cold.”

Obviously the ladies didn’t last long.

Cindy treats Luann, Sonja, and Kelly to a day of landscaping at her spa. Luann talking about… or trying not to talk about hair removal was great. Such public talk of this subject matter made the Countess uncomfortable but once the treatments began, it sounds like she jumped right in. 

I’ve got to admit that the speed dating over wine tasting had some of the best scenes of the night.

At least the one guy kept both Kelly and Sonja laughing but the other two…Cindy was right. Is the the best that’s out there? I know Sonja was showing off the girls but that’s no reason to blatantly stare down her dress while you’re sitting with her at the table trying to have a conversation.

Perhaps a slap would have knocked a hint of manners into the man. And the actor swung between creepy and silly. I know Kelly’s ice breaker was dumb but obviously improvisation is not one of this guy’s talents.

Jill spent this week in Australia but hopefully these ladies will be done with their foray into the modeling world by the time she returns.

There’s only so much foolishness I can handle.