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Lindsay Lohan is denying a slew of hilarious reports that she hid in her closet when her father, Michael Lohan, paid her a surprise visit yesterday afternoon.

The troubled star claims she wasn’t even home in Venice, Calif., when MiLo came by, and was reported quite desperately trying to get her to open the door.

“I’m fine,” she told E! “I wasn’t even home so it’s funny how I was in my closet.”

Lindsay and Bader Image

Reports surfaced that Lindsay was hiding from Michael out of fear.

It was said that Michael was pounding on her front door trying to break in, then after getting no response, peered into windows as he tried to spot her.

That may well have happened, but Lindsay says she wasn’t there. Though if she were there and hiding in the closet, no one would’ve seen her, so …

You have to wonder. Girl does lie a lot. For what it’s worth, MiLo, who was recently arrested for domestic violence, left before the police were called.

Just another chapter in Lindsay’s crazy personal life, a saga that long ago eclipsed whatever career she had. Betty White would not approve.