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Despite reports that she still pines for Jon, Kate Gosselin says she’s looking for someone new and is about ready to get back into the dating world.

“I’m kind of out-ish, sort of,” the Kate Plus 8 star said. “You never really picture yourself back in that scene after you’re done with it in your 20s.”

“But I’m trying to be a little more open-minded now,” Kate added. “If there’s anybody out there that wants to deal with us, that would be good.”

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JON & KATE: On the same page, albeit not together.

It’s not like the mother of eight, who has gone through personal and media hell and back over the last few years, hasn’t come a long way, though.

“I’m encouraging the kids to enjoy their time with him,” Kate says, referring to ex-hubby Jon, who she’s a lot kinder to in public comments lately.

Kate, who just celebrated her 36th birthday last week, says that when it comes to her ex, she’s “keeping communication as positive as possible.”

Not exactly a convincing, heartwarming statement, but … baby steps.

Speaking of Jon Gosselin, dude has probably has had a half dozen jobs in as many months, but like Kate, he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do to get by.

He used to whore himself out to any mediocre girls that showed interest. Now he’s doing that for any entity that will pay him. The latest – Quiznos.

Seriously, the working stiff is pushing Quiznos promos on Twitter to his (soon to be declining number of) 72,184 followers for around $500 a pop.

How the mighty have fallen. Hope he also gets free subs, at least.